Thursday, 26 May 2016


We were brought by a Landrover up to the cabin at Plesniec at 1290 m. Here is a cottage with a poster saying that Göran Wahlenberg botanized here in 1813. This was prior to his book Flora Carpathica, published in 1814.

Three of us decided to walk slowly through the forest down to village, wheras the rest headed for alpine limestone rock walls. The rocks were very rich in lichens, e.g. Placynthium spp., Squamarina lamarckii, Toninia alutacea, T. taurica, and T. tristis.

Toninia taurica

Squamarina lamarckii

Dinner, zemiaková placka

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


This day, the weather forecast was not promising, so we had to hurry to the mountains before it started to rain. Today, it was the day, when we spent the whole day together with the bryologists. In total 20 people packed into two Land rowers to be faster to reach the nice places in the mountains – Belianske Tatry. We were transported like cattle, but we arrived “dobre”

Short leg-streching while waiting for a car coming in the opposite direction

Belianske Tatry (Calcareous Tartas) in the background! Our goal for the afternoon.

The trail, which should take 30 minutes, took us at least two hours. We were so happy, collecting several interesting lichens.

Lichenomphalina umbellifera

After collecting a lot of interesting lichens (Dacampia hookeri, Polysporina urceolata, Protoblastenia terricola, Squamarina gypsacea, Toninia alutacea), at 2 pm hell broke loose when a tunderstorm hit the mountain and chased us down into the valley.

Forest dynamics in Slovakia (after the storm ca 10 years ago)

After the hard day, we deserved a good dinner – fried cheese (vyprážaný syr)

Later, we were forced to try Moravian wine (part of the Czech Republic)